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Our priority is to provide intimate tours and tasting experiences where you can socialize, discuss, and create memories through food and drink.

Expert Led

Hosted by industry experts with years of experience in their field, making them great for answering questions on the spot and sharing stories of their adventures.

Full Sensory

Tap into all five senses as you learn to taste through professional techniques. You'll appreciate the nuances that make gourmet food and drink so memorable, and delicious!

Intimate Feel

Our priority is to provide intimate tours where we can share our love for food and wine with you, utilizing local expertise in a way that opens your palate.

Easy Booking

Booking is made simple through our booking calendar. Last minute? No problem! You can book up to an hour before our tour begins.

Premium Wines

Tours are curated by a CMS Certified Sommelier. We are fortunate to have access to premium wines which are not yet known to the mass market.

Virtual Italian Wine Tasting and Charcuterie-1
Virtual Chocolate Tasting Single Origin
Virtual Scotch Tasting with Popcorn
Virtual Craft Beer Tasting with Popcorn-5
Virtual Classic Gin Cocktail Workshop Southside-2
Virtual Coffee Tasting HarioPour Over
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Half Price Wine Toronto Drink Specials
bridal party in wine cellar

From the moment you are picked up you know this will be a great day. [The guide] was very knowledgeable and open to last minute changes and additions to our tour. He loves his job and it shows. Great way to spend a day with friends!”

Vicki Lush, TripAdvisor


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