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Private Group Experience

New World Virtual Tours and Tastings started as a wine tour company offering elevated wine tours in Niagara and Prince Edward County with a team of wine professionals and sommeliers. After moving wine tastings virtually in 2020, it quickly became clear, why stop there?

Now with Whisky, Tequila, Rum, Sake, Beer, Cocktails, Chocolate, Coffee, and Tea coming soon…  all with a focus on creating great experiences that take guests on a journey (tour) in their tasting.

While taste is subjective, tastings can be curated to help guests determine and describe their preferences for future selections and when chatting with other enthusiast.
Specializing in small-group tourism and curated experiences, New World took that virtually with a focus on smaller groups that allows for a conversation, not just a presentation or live stream online.

Our industry experts have years of experience in the industry and in education making them great for answering questions on the spot as well as curating tastings based thousands of tastings, personal visits to distilleries, wineries, and years of education.

We look forward to hosting your group event!

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