Eating Through TO Virtual Tastings

Eating Through TO
Virtual Tastings

Virtual food and drink tastings from our sister site Eating Through TO are now available for seamless booking on New World Wine Tours (now New World Virtual Tours and Tastings!).
Each virtual event offers an intimate, interactive, and engaging tasting experience led by an expert in their field. Tasting kits are included in the ticket price with a minimum of 10 guests. Tastings have 45 minutes of structured comments and 45 mins allowed for questions, socialization and presentations. 
Virtual Classic Gin Cocktail Workshop Southside-2

Virtual Cocktail Workshop

Join us for a hands-on exploration of classic cocktails from the comfort of home. Select a base spirit for your group and our resident mixologist will curate a menu of three classic cocktails for you to enjoy.

Shake, stir, and sip as you learn the basic skills of bartending. While imbibing your host will fill you in on the unique story of each drink and its historical relevance.


  • 90 Minute Guided Tasting Event
  • Cocktail Making Kit:
    – 200mL Bottle of Spirit

       Choice of: Vodka, Rum, Whisky, Tequila, Gin

    – All required Non-alcoholic ingredients

    – Printed Recipe Cards 
  • Mocktail Options Available
  • Ontario Delivery (Canada Wide Available) 
Virtual Coffee Tasting HarioPour Over

Virtual Coffee Tasting

Unbox your tasting kit for an interactive experience that will up your coffee appreciation. First dive into the fascinating history of coffee from a humble goat herder named Kaldi to the development new wave coffee. Next, sip your way to success in a guided home coffee cupping, comparing 3 unique expressions. Finally you’ll learn to make the perfect pour over from a professional Barista. 

Select your theme:
• Roast Variation Tasting (ground)
• Single Origin Tasting (whole bean)
• Cold Brew Coffee Workshop (1 bag ground coffee,
canned cold brew, syrups and tonic)



  • 90 Minute Guided Tasting Event 
  • Coffee Tasting Kit:
    – 3 Bags of Propeller Coffee
    – Pourover Coffee Cone
    – Brewing Filters
    – Golden Cupping Spoon
  • Ontario Delivery (Canada Wide & USA Available) 
Virtual Chocolate Tastings

Virtual Chocolate Tasting

Explore the rich history of chocolate with a virtual private guided tasting. Learn about the origins of chocolate from Mesoamerica to its rise as a global obsession. Then experience how chocolate is grown and produced from bean to bar, with a step-by-step tasting. Deepen your appreciation for chocolate during this fun, interactive group event.



  • 90 Minute Guided Tasting Event
  • Chocolate Tasting Kit:
    – Premium Drinking Chocolate
    – Cacao Nibs
    – Cacao Beans
    – Untempered Chocolate
    – A Mystery Mini Bar
    – 2 Single Origin Chocolate Bars
    – 1 Seasonal Flavoured Bar
    – 4 Hand-painted Truffles
  • Ontario Delivery (Canada Wide & USA Available) 
Virtual Craft Beer Tasting with Popcorn-5

Virtual Beer Tasting

The Ontario Craft Beer industry offers an incredible variety from European classic styles to boundary-pushing fruit-infused sours. Learn about this new wave of brewing while demystifying the styles and terminology. 

Join us for an interactive and education exploration of craft beer. As you taste  the curated selection learn about each unique brew. You’ll discover how malt, hops, yeast, and brewing techniques make all the difference to the final beer. Sip, socialize, and find a new favourite.



  • 90 Minute Guided Tasting Event 
  • 6 Craft Beers from Ontario
  • Gourmet Popcorn
  • Ontario Delivery (Canada Wide Available) 

Terms and Conditions

We require 15 business days for group shipping, if you have a rush order please notify us.

Ontario Delivery is included in kit pricing*
+$15 Canada 
+$30 USA
Fresh food items may increase delivery costs to ensure all items are delivered in best condition.

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Virtual Event Terms and Conditions 

NOTE: New World Wine Tours is not an import company, nor do we possess, sell, or ship alcohol. We partner with licensed importers and retailers to supply for our events.