Virtual Events at New World Wine Tours

CANCELLATIONS can be made up to 48 hrs after booking. After that orders will have been made and resources allocated and NO REFUNDS will be issued.

SHIPPING ADDRESSES and FULL PAYMENT must be received 15 DAYS prior to the event to ensure delivery.
Addresses must be provided in our SHIPPING FILE (download here) and APPROVED by the event organizer for accuracy prior to sending. ONLY SEND FILES READY TO SHIP.

In order to reduce the potential for human error, WE DO NOT EDIT SHIPPING FILES.

IF ADDRESS CHANGES are needed, changes must be provided in an updated file and will be subject to 15 DAY delivery terms.

DELIVERY TIMELINES are based on our experience with shipments, but are not guaranteed as we rely on third party delivery services like FedEx, UPS, Purolator, Canada Post, USPS, and local couriers.

Our deliveries already select expedited shipping wherever possible due to the perishable nature of most of our kits and are sent strategically to avoid having perishable items sit in a shipping facility over the weekend and avoid variable temperatures uniquely affecting food and drink. If there are delays, it is not possible to rush deliveries further.

LATE SHIPMENTS due to delivery service delays can have the event rescheduled at no additional cost and perishable items refunded or reshipped depending on the situation.

It is the guests responsibility to open and store items as soon as they are received. Perishable items are packed for shipping timelines ONLY, and should be OPENED IMMEDIATELY. 

Items damaged or stolen because they were left out or not opened will not be refunded or reshipped.

SHIPPING FILES ARE DELETED after the event, and we do not store shipping information, however, information is submitted to delivery services and are subject to their privacy policies.

SHIPPING INFORMATION is only used for shipping purposes. PHONE NUMBERS and EMAIL ADDRESSES are requested by most delivery services in case they need to coordinate quickly. We do not use them for marketing purposes.

[Like many companies, our team is working remotely, as are some of our vendors. While we try to offer responsive service, there may be delays in responses while our team sources updates from the supply chain. 

Please allow at least 48hrs for our team to gather information if you need an update.

Providing an accurate shipping file, and allowing 15 DAYS for orders is the best way to ensure kits arrive in time for your event.

We do our best to accommodate exceptions but following these guidelines will help ensure a successful event.

Please consider that perishable items often need to be ordered and packed fresh and have a short delivery window. Alcohol has many extra restrictions including where it can be stored, packed, and how it can be delivered that may not be what guests are used to with other deliveries. We will do our best to help guests understand and navigate these issues but at the end of the day, many of them are outside of our control due to strict regulations.