Virtual Sake Tasting with Sommelier

Virtual Sake Tasting 
with a Sommelier

A perfect way to connect with friends, family, and coworkers at a distance.

Order in some sushi, open a bottle, and taste Japanese sake  with a sommelier in the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Sake Tasting with Sommelier

Join our resident Sake Scholar and Sommelier for an interactive virtual tasting.

Experience sake like never before! Sake is a brewed beverage made from rice, produced in Japan for centuries. Learn all about the history, terminology, styles, and grades of this unique beverage. Dive into Japanese culture and lore as you taste each sake. You’ll learn how to taste sake with a specialized rubric and discuss food pairing and service.

Upon booking we’ll send you wine suggestions for the LCBO for your selected region, or request options from private importers by email.


  • Guided Tasting Experience with a Sommelier 
  • Learn our deductive tasting method for Sake
  • Discover regional terroir, sake grades, history and food pairing techniques
  • Interactive Digital Presentation
  • Printable Tasting Grid
Not Included 
  • Sake, delivery


Up to 12ppl
$300 + HST per group

12 – 30ppl
$500 + HST per group

30- 50ppl with additional moderator
$750 + HST per group 

50+ Sake Seminar
$1200 + HST per group 

Tasting Packages

For sake delivery, corporate events & gifting please inquire by email.

*We recommend you schedule a tasting through our booking calendar, then get in touch for sake delivery. 

NOTE: New World Wine Tours is not an import company, nor do we possess, sell, or ship alcohol. We partner with licensed importers and retailers to supply for our events.